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Vocal Lessons

Main Street Music provides voice lessons for children and adults age 8 and up. No commitments are necessary beyond the first lesson. it's a great opportunity to come in, meet your teacher, take a lesson and decide afterward if you'd like to continue. Please click on the pictures below to read more about our teachers. CLICK HERE to find out more information about scheduling your first lesson. If you'd prefer to call us you can reach us at 856 478 0098 or feel free to email us at We hope to hear from you soon!

Stephanie Rosie
Main Street Music vocal instructor Stephanie Rosie
Allison Bagliani
Main Street Music vocal instructor Allison Bagliani
Garrett Thomas
Garrett Thomas, vocal teacher for Main Street Music
Erisa Pikuli
Main Street Music vocal instructor Erisa Pikuli
Thomas Burgel
Thomas Burgel, Main Street Music voice instructor
Emily Gaffney
Emily Gaffney, Main Street Music voice teacher and music therapist
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