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Job Openings

Piano Teacher Needed

Main Street Music is looking for a new piano teacher to teach in person lessons as well as virtual lessons. A college degree in music is preferred. Prior teaching experience or performance experience is required. You would teach in a comfortable studio environment. New teachers start with one day per week. There is the potential to add more teaching days depending on demand.


Teacher benefits include the following.

  • Schedules are consolidated to minimize breaks in between lessons whenever possible.

  • We have comprehensive studio policies that ensure schedule/income stability for our teachers.

  • Teachers are paid as W2 employees on a biweekly basis

  •  We use paid advertising to help keep teachers' schedules full year-round.

  • Dedicated administrative staff work Monday through Saturday and handle all administrative duties including scheduling, billing, signing up new students, etc.

  • Paid sick leave provided.

  • 401k benefits.

  • The studio average teacher rate of pay is $40/hour.

  • Teachers are paid regardless of student cancellations.

  • Employees receive a 20% discount on lessons for themselves and their immediate family

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