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John Szachewicz, guitar teacher for Main Street Music
John Szachewicz

John Szachewicz has been teaching drum and guitar lessons and performing for over 15 years.  He uses a variety of method books to build fundamentals and reading skills, and works with his students to focus on the genres that they are most interested in to develop their playing.  

John studied drum set with Brian Farr, guitar with Dave Hartke, and graduated from Rowan University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Music Education after studying with Dean Witten and Bill Trigg.  He has been playing and touring throughout the country with the rock band Kid Felix since 2011, and is a drummer for Philadelphia-based wedding band Bachelor Boys Band.  In addition to his Kid Felix and wedding work, John has performed in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Southern NJ, various musical productions, and done session work with other cover and original bands.

John also has over 10 seasons of experience as an instructor and director with several award winning marching band and indoor percussion programs. Whether his students are beginners that are brand new to music, or more experienced players looking to hone their skills, John’s experience allows him to create an individualized lesson plan for growth and success.

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