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Cameron Davidson

Cameron has been playing guitar for 19 years and has been teaching music for the past 14. In Cameron's lessons, although the goal is musical excellence, there is also a strong emphasis on having fun and enjoying the learning process. Lessons are curated on a student by student basis to ensure they are learning what they want to know. Multiple method books are used but students are not compelled to adhere to a specific curriculum.

Cameron provides instruction on guitar, bass, and ukulele in a variety of styles; classical, folk, rock, metal, pop, reggae, jazz, blues, R&B, funk, country, and more. He has worked with a wide age range of students, from 3 to 90, as well as varying learning abilities and skill levels.

Cameron studied guitar with Matt Hollenberg (John Zorn, Cleric) and Scottish session guitarist Liam McLaughlin. In his personal life, Cameron has been

Cameron Davidson, Main  Street Music guitar/bass/ukulele instructor

actively gigging for the past 13 years, playing venues of all sizes across the US and internationally.Having worked with students privately and in groups, Cameron has coached students on how to play together and brought students together for full band recitals. Want to start your own band but don't know how to get started? Cameron has your back. Stuck on a song you've been writing? No problem. Cameron will help you out.

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